Professional Recommendations

Gerry Egan
Executive Director, National Equipment Finance Association
It’s been my pleasure to know and work with Monica Harper for many years, first as a Past President and Board Member of NAELB, where Monica was Executive Director, and now in my current role as Executive Director of NEFA. I participated in many NAELB events over the years and observed Monica in action. She’s unfailingly pleasant and always organized and on top of things. When I took on an Executive Director’s role at NEFA, Monica was extremely generous with her encouragement and advice, both of which were instrumental in my getting off to a good start. I think it’s in Monica’s nature to do well at whatever she does and I think any organization would benefit from having her on their team.

Charles (Bud) Callahan, CLP
Owner, National Equipment Leasing
I had the privilege to work with Monica during my tenure on the board of the National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers. Monica was the glue that held us all together. She is very efficient, grasps complex concepts and able to translate that to others so it can be understood. Monica is one of the true professionals in her field.

Donna Cole
Owner, Business Capital
As president of our national association, I had, in the past, headed up search committees to find a management company and lead person. Monica and FSA turned out to be just perfect – the right mix of listening and leadership. They were not our first by any means, but we formed a lasting relationship that worked well with our growth of membership. Monica seemed to be able to extract the best from all board members to make the team work very efficiently.

Jack Harvey
President/CEO, Enterprise Financial Solutions, Inc.

During my term as President of NAELB I found Monica to be very organized, smart, forward thinking, personable, and one that I would be proud to have on my company team. She would be an asset, in my opinion, to any company needing her skills. I would be happy to discuss further with a potential employer.

Christopher “Kit” Menkin
Editor/Publisher, Leasing News
As executive director of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, she was prompt in response, seeming always available, and very helpful. It was a pleasure to work with her. She would also get her organization more publicity, solve problems, and promote the leasing broker profession as well as the association. Recommend her very highly.

Joan Modes, BPB
President, Gem Commercial Credit, Inc.
Monica is a bright and energetic professional. She takes the time to understand the needs of her clients and her relationships and works hard to ensure great service. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and demonstrates exceptional ethics in business practice. Monica can be trusted to complete any task and often over delivers! I would highly recommend her.

Spencer Richman
Owner, American Financial Network, Inc.
I had the privilege of working with Monica for six years while I served on the board of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers and while she was our Executive Director. She was my direct report when I served as President. I found Monica to be sharp, ‘on point’, conscientious, diligent, and reliable. She delivered on promises and tasks when promised. Her strengths include strong communication skills, organization, budgeting & finance and computer skills. She is a hard worker, has a good memory, and is a pleasure to be around and to work with.

Barry Reitman
Author: Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory
I was blessed to have Monica Harper as the Executive Director of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers when I was appointed to be director of its (then) new online Forum. Monica ALWAYS anticipated problems and found solutions. There is no executive/management position for which I would not recommend her.

Brian Schonfeld
Project & Information Manager, Pawnee Leasing Corporation
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monica for several years now, both on committees as well as serving as the chairperson for the 2012 NAELB Annual Conference. Her can-do attitude is infectious, and I’ve always found Monica to be both prepared and professional in any situation.

Heather von Bargen
Fine Art Photographer, Curated Images
I had the great pleasure of working with Monica for several years as a board member in a variety of roles for the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers. She was very instrumental in helping our board and association grow exponentially and professionally. She was always available, professional and offered great ideas based on her extensive experience. She was also very patient and well-adept at dealing with a wide variety of personality types from all over the country. She has great “cat-herding” skills and is very hard working. She is also very friendly and approachable. She makes things happen, on time, and on budget. I heartily recommend her.

Rosanne Wilson
President, 1st Independent Leasing, Inc.
It is with great pleasure that I give this recommendation on Monica Harper. Monica’s in-depth knowledge of her department and her skills managing our large national broker association were impressive. As I served on the Board of Directors of this association for 5 years, we experienced great results and growth year after year under her leadership. Her excellent people skills and management of all facets of our operations, kept our members and the Board of Directors very pleased. Monica has the highest integrity and ethics in everything she does. She would be a terrific asset to any company or organization.



David Drain
Senior Vice President of Events, Networld Media Group
I hired Monica as Director of Member Services for FSA’s client, Foodservice Consultants Society International. Monica was a quick learner and a self-starter, so she did not require a lot of oversight. Her abilities were noticed and she was asked to serve in various roles for other association clients within the company. I was pleased, yet not surprised, to see Monica ascend through the ranks to Executive Director. She’s hard working and dedicated. She has a wide range of skills and I would recommend her for any nonprofit management position or for-profit project management role.

Mary Gratzer
Executive Director, AAF-Louisville
I was fortunate to work with Monica when I first joined FSA. We worked on the same client for a few years, and then I watched her excel once she was promoted to a leadership position. She is smart, professional, and a creative problem-solver. I would consider myself lucky to be able to work with her again someday!

Jennifer Helton, CMP, MTA
Commercial Services, Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc.
Monica believes in a collaborative relationship with co-workers and direct reports and believes in serving as a mentor to those she supervises. Ours was an open work environment where she freely helped with issues and offered advice on projects. She is a team player, both with those on her level and other co-workers. Her energetic personality is magnetic and she is an asset to any team.

Keith Howard, CAE
Vice President of Business Development, Associations International
As Monica’s manager, she was diligent, committed and dedicated to providing the highest level of member services to the association we both were assigned. This client was very demanding, and quite frankly not very appreciative. In spite of their lack of appreciation, Monica worked hard to not only meet their expectations but exceed them. Because of this outstanding performance, she was promoted to the ED of another nonprofit association.

Marci Wilson
Realtor, Rainey, Jones and Shaw Realtors
I worked alongside Monica for eight years at FSA Management Group. As the executive director of two of our associations, Monica showed dedicated leadership with great attention to detail. Her calm, but cheerful, demeanor caused her to be well liked and respected by her colleagues and board leadership as well as vendors. I recommend Monica without reservation!

Leah Woods
Membership Coordinator, FSA Management Group
Monica hired me in February 2012. As my supervisor and mentor, Monica has played a key role in my own professional development, instilling in me a sense of pride and commitment to the work I do. She provides those around her with genuine moral support. Monica has the strongest work ethic of anyone I have had the pleasure of working with. The incessant dedication and the uncompromising ethical performance that she gives to her clients and her colleagues is a standard for her. She never leaves anything unfinished and there is no task that is too small or beneath her. Daily, I strive to emulate Monica’s drive and professionalism and embrace the skills she has taught me.